Wood Bass

Hand-Made Electric Bass Guitars and Double Bass Repairs

A Brief History

I started my working life making pianos at Knights Pianos in London also attending the musical instrument department of the London College of furniture. I then went on to study art and design to degree level but have spent most of my life running a cabinet making business in Whitby, North Yorkshire.

I have been a musician all my life, playing on a semi-professional basis both bass and piano. I have developed a passion for initially fretless bass and more recently upright bass, mainly playing jazz.

Wood Bass

Adapting my cabinet making skills I now make bass guitars and also repair stringed instruments, especially double bass.

I can also supply parts for double basses as well as violins, violas and cellos.

As part of my cabinet making business I have made a range bespoke speaker cabinets and amplifier cases and am working on developing an acoustic bass amplifier.


West Quarter,
Whitby Road,
Robin Hoods Bay,
YO22 4PE

Telephone: 01947 880438
Mobile: 07990 972858

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